Hello World... 🌙

...finally. 2023 is the year I’m releasing my full backlog of music. First up: Jinx — a collection of haunted and gritty tracks created circa 2015.

Here’s my release schedule for the first half of the year:

  1. JinxMarch 3rd 2032
  2. NightstrumentalsApril 7th 2032
  3. [unnamed]May 5th 2032

I’ll be packaging multiple eras of instrumentals into 3 separate mixtapes then putting them on Bandcamp (follow to stay up to date). My favourites distilled into one album will then be released on streaming services shortly after.

These long-overdue releases will free up the mental space needed for me to focus on new music, fun experiments, and casual streaming.



The responsibility of any creator is to do the work, not judge it.. ― James Clear

posted March. 10th 2023

Album artwork for Nightizm's latest release: Jinx.