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Nightizm was birthed through countless late nights of creative expression and music consumption. I found inspiration through various genres of visual and musical art, which then helped me develop an eclectic taste in music that aided me in finding my own style within myself.

The fundamentals of Nightizm are integrity, duality, authenticity, aesthetic, and quality. I take my time to create unique soundscapes that tell a story through any and all forms of audio. There are no genres here, there are no boundaries. My style will continue to develop, expand, and change direction. That's the way it should be. Forever learning, forever changing, but always staying true to myself.

Take a dive through my site and get lost in the sound. You know where to find me... I'll be there when you need me. Until then...




Music is the one of the few ways I'm able to express myself wholly, and through music, I have a reason for living. I hope my music will instil the inspiration to live life to the fullest, the courage to follow your own heart, and the drive to follow your own dreams.

If for whatever reason you're not in a position to support my efforts, there's a super special button below that gives you access to my discography for free. It's my gift to you, I'll forever be grateful for those of you who listen to and share my music.

thank you,
Seize the Night.



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for those of you who subscribe to me on Bandcamp, you'll also receive a back catalogue of my instrumentals, which are separate from my discography posted above. Starting from 2013, you'll get each years selection of beats for free (for listening purposes only). Once the calendar year is over, it will be released on the new year. (i.e. 2017's instrumentals will be released on Jan. 1st 2018).