I am Nightizm.

                                    music production
audio engineering                                                    
                                                                live sets, dj
             film score             

I focus on integrity in music. Creating beautiful, haunting, thrilling soundscapes with impactful drums and real life sounds that leave you feeling engrossed in the harmony. There are no genres here, no boundaries, just pure music and raw creativity. Once I learned to stop comparing myself to others, I became Nightizm. I became comfortable releasing the music that was true to me. Now you'll hear what I have to express.

Dark Arts I

The first class in the theory of Dark Arts. Allow the mind to open, allow the ears to really listen. #SeizetheNight.

Official & unofficial remixes. Here lies my unique take on popular music, crafted to be timeless. #SeizetheNight.

The Remixes

Share & Support,

Let me livvvve, let me live off this. I need your support by listening, purchasing, and/or sharing this music. Whichever works best for you, I'm eternally grateful <3

Stream the rest of my music on Apple Music and Spotify, or purchase via iTunes and Bandcamp.

Seize the Night.