I like to create sonic worlds for any types of media.

experimental soundscapes that elicit a range of emotions in motion picture


Film scoring is something I've been fascinated with for a long time, especially since the birth of experimental electronic scores. They mostly reside in independent films, but they're something I feel will slowly start to gain more traction & interest over time. That being said, film scoring is a beautiful craft I plan to gradually develop myself into.

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Nightizm - The Curiosity Effect  \

This is a track that I created in 3 nights just before I launched this website. I challenged myself to create a piece specifically for my film score page that you're looking at right now. I ended up loving it so much I just had to release it... and of course add a lil' bit of drums to the ending (couldn't help it). I sincerely hope you enjoy it as mush as I.


Nightizm - Before You Disappear  \

Inspired by the short film turned feature film "Before I Disappear". Listening is private for those viewing this website.

Here are some of my favourite film and game scores of all time.