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precision mixing is the forefront of quality mastering


An architect of sound, I can shape and move your music around to get the most impact whilst maintaining excellent quality. Feel free to get in touch w/ me through your preferred social media drug of choice.


Mixing — $100/h
Mastering — $100 per song
Mixing + Mastering — nightizm@gmail.com


sample works

Let any of my released works and/or remixes be a testament to my mixing & mastering ability. I focus on keeping the perfect amount of dynamic range whilst making the track as loud as possible without ear fatigue. Email me if you want a demo done to a track of yours.


Nightizm - London Interlude  \

Grab a blanket and some hot chocolate, this is a cold ambient edit of London Grammars "Interlude" mixed with some beautiful Hildegard von Bingen vocals. Listening is private for those viewing this website.