I like to create worlds for you to get lost in.

expressive creations that emerged from the depths of my soul


Music is my language and I want to share what I've learned with you. This music will range from the darkest depths to the lightest heights. Reach out to me for any kind of music production or collaboration. Feel free to submit music you think I might like as well.

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Nightizm - Dark Arts I  \

The first instalment... we're not finished here.

Nightizm & Polar Youth - LFS  \

Working with Polar Youth was a pleasure. She sent me ideas, I finished them. The rest was history...

Nightizm - Renaissance  \

The first piece of art I made that I can call my own unique style. I'm very proud of this piece, and I've only grown since then.


EXPRESSIVE recreations of inspirational artists

Here lies my remixes. If you'd like to download them, do so via BandCamp. Contact me for official remix work.

Nightizm - Various Remixes  \